Music video shoot with Chris Perth


After a concert performed by Chris Perth, I got approached by the vocalist, he wanted me to design the cover-photography for their debut EP. When I began the creative process and started to listen to their music. I quickly became a fan. Later that week I asked them what they planned on doing with the video. They had no plans yet.


At first, we started brainstorming ideas of music videos for the songs. After a creative evening we decided to try to find a factory building, and film a video with just the band playing. 

We made this video with approximately 12 dollars as our budget. After a lot of researching and networking, we finally acquired the location we wanted. A submarine bunker of ninehundred square-meters, existing since the second world war. A local entrepreneur lent us the light rigs.  


Here are some pictures from the set! 

Release date:   8. July!