My other passion is making music


Since most of my time is used on making films and promoting my company online. My music doesn't get the attention I think it deserves. Making electronic music has always been a passion for me, and even though I dont have as much time to make it anymore I still get time to squeeze out a tune once in a while. 



2014 Blond:ish feat Thomas Gandey "Voyeur" (STIANLYNG REMIX)

This remix is my latest production. In this song the only source material used is the vocal sample. The rest of the sounds and instruments are made from scratch by me.

2014 Strange Talk - Climbing Walls ( STIANLYNG Remix)

This song was made for a contest held by Strange Talk. At first it got a lot of attention and it ended up as the song with the most views. Unfortunately it was not what Strange Talk was looking for. 

2013 Walking Alone - Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects feat. Erik Hecht (STIANLYNG REMIX)

I made this song in its entirety without the vocal at first. It was only made to be an instrumental. But when i heard the singing of Erik Hecht i decided to implement the vocals.