The Fuck it series

This is a series made only for my own growth as an artist and to constantly challenge my creativity. I wanted a concept where i could make quality content each week, have the ability to write a short story, and change up the formula whenever i wanted to. My only rule is that the video has to end with the phrase "Fuck It" 

Chris Perth 

After a concert performed by Chris Perth, I was approached by the vocalist, wanting me to design the cover-photography for their debut EP. When I began the creative process and started to listen to their music, I quickly became a fan. At first, we started brainstorming ideas of music videos for the songs. After a creative evening we decided on a two part music video, where as the two songs are filmed at the same location. The first song "Staircase" is filmed with  ballet dancer Vida Forfod Yssen and modern dancer Aurora Brovold.

We made these two videos with approximately 12 dollars as our budget. After a lot of researching and networking, I finally acquired the location I desired. A submarine bunker of ninehundred square-meters existing since the second world war. A local entrepreneur lent us the light rigs.  




Absolute Progression 2014

in April 2014 i got the privilege of joining proffesional skier Vegard Hokstad on a trip to Salzburg in Austria as a cameraman and editor, for an annual competition at their park. At that point of time i did not have the resourses i have today. I borrowed my grandmothers Canon D600. Welded a stabilizer type thing at work.  And set off with hopes of not failing miserably. 

At that point of time i had not yet realised that videomaking was my passion. I had no understanding of how to operate a camera and how to edit.   In the mountains the other skiers had proffesional teams and cameramen, armed with steadicams and cameras worth thousands of dollars. I realised all of the other filmers did the same things, and used the same angles. I knew i did not have the teqnical skills they had, but i was confident i could come up with something more creative than what they did.

I wanted to get straight to the action, as close as possible. I wanted to show off the skill of the skier in the best possible way. And also have a creative, realistic and clean edit.  

We ended up in second place, with a cashprize of 3000 dollars.

Here is the result. 










Throwing in some of my productions to demonstrate both my level today, and also to show my progress during the last few years. I have a lot more material, but these selected ones represent me as a music producer fairly well


2014 Blond:ish feat Thomas Gandey "Voyeur" (STIANLYNG REMIX)

This remix is my latest production. In this song the only source material used is the vocal sample. The rest of the sounds and instruments are made from scratch by me.


2014 Strange Talk - Climbing Walls ( Stian Lyng Remix)

This song was made for a contest held by Strange Talk. At first it got a lot of attention and it ended up as the song with the most views. Unfortunately it was not what Strange Talk was looking for. 


2013 Walking Alone - Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects feat. Erik Hecht (STIANLYNG REMIX)

I made this song in its entirety without the vocal at first. It was only made to be an instrumental. But when i heard the singing of Erik Hecht i decided to implement the vocals.


2012 Sunlounger & zara Taylor - Try To Be Love ( Stian Lyng Remix ) 

This was my first serious attempt at a remix competition, this song proved to me that i had the skills needed to make a full length quality song. In retrospect i see i still had a long way to go production wise.